University of Miskolc

The campus of the University of Miskolc is a city within the city of Miskolc, and is unique in Hungary in this respect. The constantly renewing and dynamically developing institution not only strengthens the regional role and influence of Miskolc, but directly contributes to the economic and social revitalization of the city and the region.

The university continues to enrich values through its educational and research work worthy of its 270-year history. The modernization and development of university infrastructure continues in a separate part of Miskolc, creating a modern environment for the 14.000 students and 2.000 lecturers of one of the region’s most significant universities.

The high quality of education at our university is demonstrated not only by the number of professional awards received, but also by the continuously increasing number of students that choose the University of Miskolc when pursuing a higher education. The development plan of the University of Miskolc, current until 2020, covers the fields of university structure, innovation and service.

The most important tasks are drafted in the spirit of the slogan “Knowledge builds universities, universities build the future”.