General program

The organization of the EUC Basketball shall be based on the most recent technical regulations of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

The following competitions will be held:

  • one (1) men’s tournament, maximum of sixteen (16) teams,
  • one (1) women’s tournament, maximum of twelve (12) teams,

The EUC consist of seven (7) competition days, including one (1) day of rest for each team.

The General Technical Meeting, where the presence of each Head of the Delegation is obligatory, will be held one day prior to the start of the competition.

15th July 16th July 17th July 18th July 19th July
SCAC meeting
General Technical Meeting (15:45)
Opening Ceremony (18:00)
Preliminary Round
Preliminary Round
Preliminary Round


22:00 – Grand Party (Cave bath)

20th July 21st July 22nd July 23th July 24th July
Day off (sightseeing tours)
Classification Round
Classification Round
18:15 – Women final

20:30 – Men final

22:30 – Closing and Award Ceremony

23:30 – Farewell party

General Technical Meeting

The GTM will be held on 16th July 2017 Sunday from 15:45 in the university’s Auditorium no. 2. prior to the Opening Ceremony.

Participation is obligatory for every team (maximum 2 persons / team).

Main topics:

  • Introduction, presented by the SCAC chair,
  • Organizational details, presented by the OC representative,
  • General details, presented by the TD,
  • Third part, the official draw of the tournament

Seeding and draw

The draw of the tournament will be done in the presence of an EUSA Representative taking into account EUSA Basketball ranking. The University team of the hosting city will be placed in first (1) place in pool A. Teams from the same country shall, whenever possible, be placed in different pools.


Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony of EUBC2017 will take place on Sunday 16th July between 18:00-19:00 in the Szent István square (downtown area). An approx. 8 minutes march (depart from Hősök square) and introduction will launch the ceremony. The Opening Ceremony no seated and will be in open air space. Speeches and short cultural program will follow. Athletes should be dressed in their team jerseys. Bring your own refreshments!

Buses leave from Uni-Hotel at 17:30 and will depart back at 19:15 and 19:45.

In case of bad weather, the Opening Ceremony will take place in the Generali Arena. More information will be available in the General Technical Meeting.

Closing Ceremony

The Closing Ceremony will be held on Sunday, 23th July at the Generali Arena, shortly after Men’s final.


Medals will be awarded in the following categories: Men’s team and Women’s team. Each member of the team will get one (1) Gold, one (1) Silver, and one (1) Bronze medal, depending on ranking. First three teams in each category will receive a trophy. All the athletes will receive a Certificate of Participation.

The athletes are not allowed to bring national/regional flags or symbols of their countries/regions, cultures or religions to the podium. Winners are expected to attend the ceremony in the uniforms they wore at the Opening Ceremony. However, they are allowed to attend the official ceremony wearing sports uniforms when the ceremony takes place immediately after the competition. Athletes are expected to take off caps when receiving the medal and keep it in hand throughout the ceremony (i.e. playing of the EUSA anthem and raising of the flags). Athletes, authorities and accompanying persons are required to face the flags at the moment they are raised and the EUSA anthem is played.

Special awards:

  • Most valuable player trophy
  • Best rebounder trophy
  • Best shooter trophy

Fair Play Trophy

There will also be a Fair Play Trophy for team, individual, coach or anyone else, showing the fairest spirit on and off court during the event. The Fair Play Trophy is decided by the Technical Commission.

Farewell party

The farewell party will be held shortly after the closing ceremony in the university campus (Rockwell club). Registration not needed, entry with the accreditation card.


The official ball model that will be used in the championship will be the Molten GG7X (men), and GG6X (women). The Organizing Committee will provide the balls for the games.